Countless tourism spectacles and programs offering relaxation await the visitors of Szombathely.

First of all the historical downtown, the characteristic baroque buildings, the Roman age's revealed residues, open-air, constant and traveling exhibitions make our city attractive and unique.

The festivals - Savaria Carnival, Bartok Festival and Seminar, Urban study summer university, St. Martin's day fair, Lamantin Jazz Festival etc. - organized traditionally offer a distinguished opportunity for filling up, and recreation.

The Adventure-city provides as the most loved and modern playing park a unique opportunity for the guests with children. For the 3-12 year age groups there is a whole day of discovery for families with little children.

The year to year renewing whirl of Savaria Carnival sends the citizens and the guests of Szombathely back in time: the costume parade has it's way in front of our hotel. The carnival stirs the imagination of kids and grown-ups, where increasingly more people take on contemporary dresses, costumes.

Discover the millennial city with your family, your friends. It holds surprises in all seasons, which makes it attractive and interesting for the visitors.

We await our guests with high standard rooms ... Taste our specialties We take on the transaction of events on external locations.